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Marriage, Ministry and Oh Baby!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a wife and a mom. When I was younger I had the entire Little Tikes kitchen set. Yes! You heard me correctly. You could sit on my couch, while waiting for me to cook you a dinner, or enjoy a drink on the bench while I was setting the table. I had it all! High chair, changing table, baby swing, baby bed and more! I acted as if it was real too! I practiced being a mom with every baby gifted to me. From feeding the baby born doll and giving baths to the original water baby, my heart dreamt of being a momma.

Growing up, no matter where I was, kids seemed to flock to me. The connection I made with kids, the love I had for them and the joy I found in serving families with kids, was a gift from God.

At the age of 17, I was surrounded with incredible leaders. Leaders people would dream to be around. I watched, I listened, I learned and I was teachable. I didn’t always get it right, but I was a sponge when around them and I gained wisdom. Most importantly, I gained family.

In 2010, I was hired at Free Chapel as an administrative assistant in Children’s Ministry. I did anything and everything you can imagine! It was the BEST job! It wasn’t long before I was brought on as a Children’s Pastor. I helped oversee the Kindergarten and 1st grade ministry, until I was sent off to launch a satellite campus from the ground up. Working on staff with Pastor Franklin and his wife Cherise was the greatest experience. I’m grateful for their leadership. What you see on stage, is the same you see off stage. Being in ministry isn’t easy, but serving this house wasn’t hard.

Last October, after 10 years of ministry at Free Chapel, I resigned to be a stay at home mom. I knew it was time to give my husband and baby what I had poured into so many other families. I still get teary eyed when I think about it. I miss the families and kids I served, but I know I made the right decision to pass the baton in this season of my life.

The Bible says in Proverbs 24:3-4,

By wisdom a house is built,

    and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled

    with all precious and pleasant riches.”

I’m grateful I learned from within the walls of the church, the importance of building my home. Knowing when the grace is up for a season is the hardest to discern. Especially when you love your job. Free Chapel is still our home. Pastor Franklin is still our pastor. Ministry is still in my blood. It’s not the end. It’s only the beginning.

Sometimes you only need someone to believe the best in you. I am eternally grateful to everyone who believed in me along the way. I was blessed to have a Pastor who preached Spirit filled, anointed sermons! An Executive Pastor who spoke to the king in me. A campus Pastor who entrusted me to journey alongside he and his wife, to launch a campus from the ground up. A Children’s Ministry Pastor whom lead me with a spirit of excellence and kept my spirit man in check. My teams of volunteers, I am still celebrating them to this day! And to the couple who gave me a front row seat, displaying for me a godly marriage and how to balance family while in ministry, I’m still riding out every conversation we had together.

The truth is, ministry can be done anywhere and at anytime. As long as the vessel is ready, God will place people in front of you who need your sphere of influence. Jesus did most of his ministry outside the walls of the church. In this season, prioritizing my life is what I’m working on. Our lives should reflect the time we’ve spent with Jesus. I’m a better wife, mom, daughter and friend if I’ve given Him my time first.

Work towards living your life in this order:

  1. God

  2. Marriage

  3. Children

It’s easy for mom’s to give all the time to their children, especially if you’re a new mom, still trying to figure everything out. But in doing this, your marriage suffers. We need the help of Jesus in order for our families to be strong. That’s why our days must start with Him.

Remember friends, if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

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